FTC shuts down Company Selling Commercial Trucking Registration Services

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FTC finally charges and shuts down Company misleading trucking businesses

Great news this company was finally shut down! BUT beware they operate now under different names I have seen their billboards on I-65 South in Indiana. Here is the full article as posted by FTC.gov

DOT Authority.com BBB Complaints F rating

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SCAM Company Beware!

I want to share with you my experience with a fraudulent company doing business within the USDOT/ FMCSA jurisdiction. I hope to blog about this and share it on various social media platforms in an attempt to confront the misleading and dirty tactics of this company. I will update you at some point once there is resolve or satisfactory responses. This excerpt is my complaint filing with 2 different on-line BBB.org publications in which others have filed similar complaints. Please make comments about your experiences, Help me, help others stop this company and shut them down.

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“On Thursday 4/17/14 I called my local BMV agency as to inquire about obtaining my USDOT registrations. I was out of my office and not on a computer. I was given the number 855-364-5305 I promptly called it. I also want to bring attention to the fact that if you call this number from any number besides a CELL Phone, it will give you a disconnect recording… it only works when you call from a cell phone. Since my BMV officer gave me the number I assumed it was an official agency. I called at 5:01 the person answered the phone as “DOT authority”, it did not occur to me that I was speaking with a private agency. She was quick to help me collecting my information, including CC, business info, address and contact info. That 1st round of cost was $300.00 which I understood to be the USDOT registration cost, ONLY to find out this was to be a FREE filing!! and does only take a few minutes to obtain a number. But within a few minutes I got several emails (smart phone email) confirming my USDOT number but Large warning letters indicating I DID NOT have ICC authority if I was to transport out of state which I intended to do and clearly explained to the agent. I then called back to inquire as to the warnings of non-compliant registration. I then found out I needed to pay an additional $400 for my MC Number Now finding out this cost from FMCSA is $300.00) in addition to my USDOT AND $187.00 for a required UCR filing. Still at this point I completely thought I was talking with an official GOV agency, nothing gave me an indication that I was not. I DID begin to question why they could only look me up by the last 4 digits of my CC number instead of my DOT number, I found that to be odd. Now several days later I’m so upset that I have been lied to and defrauded out of $887.00 for something that should have only cost me $300.00 Further more I have had to call the ACTUAL FMCSA Authority to get my information corrected. This fraudulent company was so quick to help me and get my CC info that they neglected to correctly list my correct carrier information. Other than filing a small claims action against this company for services not rendered, lying to me and impersonating a federal agency, I feel I have no other recourse. I hope my letter here and the others who have filed a complaint will help a person who otherwise might be duped by this nefarious company.”



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