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USHIP Slanders Company with Disregard and Malice

uSHIP Slanders

USHIP Slanders Company

#uShip continues it’s slanderous public notice of my company making it appear in searches that my company has done something wrong.  When in fact it is the petty #nazi style rules of this nasty company that promulgates it under handed fraudlent tactics of squelching anyone who will divulge to the public the money schemes of this company.

It’s one thing to disallow in member only searches or block possible bidding of NEW shipments within the #uship web site BUT to make this information public with no explanation is slanderous, disrespectful and damaging to my good company name. I remain in good standing for services rendered, delivery time, customer satisfaction.

Even to the fact that #uship continues to reward carriers that are in complete violation of federal #FMCSA #USDOT rules regulations. #uship rewards them with PC (#PowerCarrier) Status on their profiles and give them first and top opportunities to bid on shipments. A quick look within the listed carriers that have this #PC status and you will see the shipments they have hauled and are bidding on are completely unregulated and illegal. They have no authority to haul, transport or carry them. BUT #uship will suspend MY account because I mentioned within a bidding question and dialog with a potential shipper that #SHIP fees was INCLUDED!!! This being a #rule of #ship

In past supposed email from their departments, claim I made mention of fee breakdown and listed uShip fees as separate, so I begun explaining the uship WAS INCLUDED which their email from support department demanded had to state!!! This then prompted them to suspended my account, unjustly!!

My opinion is #uship is running an illegal operation that promotes unsafe carriers, #PRICEFIXING, fraud!!, discrimination, illegal censoring, #racketeering!!

I look forward to your comments and feed back about the nature, substance and legality of this company.

uSHIP Preys on the Carrier, Encourages LOW bids for its gain

uSHIP Prays on the Carrier, Encourages LOW bids for its gain

uship is a pieceofshit

Once again in our industry, trucking and delivery businesses, we find a company that will exercise corporate greedy profits over the lively hood of people. #uship has miraculously come to fame by creating a Reality Television show that pits carrier against carrier in an effort to drive down the profitability of a shipment. The ONLY possible winner here is uShiT.

uShip makes up its rules as it goes along.  Somehow dealing out bogus warnings then for NO reason canceling an account. They intend to root out those who will fight against the corporate greed. If anyone would make a comment or demonstrate the greedy structure of fees. If you dare to call them out they censure you and put you in a corner. The Nazi’s did dirty nasty things like that early in their champaign to rid Jews of any rights. uSHIP is doing just that.

I know of personal experiences where uShip employees have directed the shipper to wait for a lower bid telling the shipper to hold out because a carrier will give even a lower rate, next to nothing. In most cases a carrier already running on fumes with little to no profit will bite on the lower bid opportunity not realizing the after the high uShit fees there is little to no money after normal transportation expenses.

If a carrier demonstrates to a potential shipper the basic cost associated with shipping their product (the same as any business would do) fuel, insurance, tolls, travel cost AND USHIP FEES!!! And I can tell you from my personal experiences NO shipper realizes the carrier PAYS HUGE fees on top of what WE need to make on a given transport. Tying our hands impedes our ability to provide accurate cost effective services to a shipper.

I firmly believe a company has every right to run their business how they see fit, even at the expense of employees they fuck over. Companies do it everyday!  because there are suppose to be laws in place that will protect the rights of employees stuck working to support their families with little or no other way to make a living. The tactics of a company to strong arm an employee to keep them in line, to lie to them, cheat them and use their corporate money to keep them pinned down.

This blog will not stop, change or redirect, nor any laws preventing uShip from fucking carriers on a daily basis. I hope to bring to light the injustice and nasty Nazi like tactics this company covets with its supposed terms of use, that they think makes it right what they do is right.

To you Ushit and the employees who work there, FUCK you and your tactics. At some point you will have to answer to whatever G_d you pray to for your cheating, lying, thieving, greediness that makes you.

Todays Competitive LTL, PTL Freight Market, Hot-Shot Delivery Services

Todays Competitive Market Causing Black-hole of Cheap Rates

As I opened the doors to our commercial delivery business I’m flooded with a mountain of  expenses. And at that point I had not secured a single paying load. However as I knocked on doors, made phone calls, solicited any business who would listen to me, I was able to make a few deliveries of RV units, ranging in mileage from 780 to 2100 truck miles.  The pay as I found was better than having to scrape the bottom of a mud pit and alley fight three guys to win a bid. However as you can imagine those good paying loads don’t come often or consistently enough.

how we get paid

Some time in 2013 I got hooked watching a show called “Shipping Wars” and at that time I was contemplating buying a newer vehicle to pull our RV camper. And in my infinite wisdom of stupidest ideas, I decide to buy a vehicle that could double as my work truck and our family tow truck for the RV. Well being of a hard headed person and maybe not often enough thinking things through, within 3 months I was knee-deep in debt and the not so proud owner of a truck I didn’t really want. DOT101_2

I asked questions of anybody I could think of and tried researching all the ins and outs of being a so called “hot-shot transporter. I figured how hard could it be. I mean in my career as both an owner and co-owner of various trucking companies, having driven nearly a million miles professionally and hauling everything under the sun you could think of…what could go wrong? After all, I didn’t really want to be in the “trucking” business I just wanted to put my little pickup to good use while it wasn’t pulling our family camper and it could pay for itself. Sounds like a good plan…right up to point when you add up all the cost and no revenue.

My next move was to sign-up as carrier on the site known as “uShip” ushipthe broker company made recognizable by its cast of transporters, clever bidding wars, and cut throat antics to win the opportunity to haul someone else’s crap! and be paid.

Always the optimist I am, I filed all my FMCSA paper work, (see my post where I was defrauded out of $587.00) found an insurance agent who could cover my type of transporting business, purchase a cargo trailer, make modifications to my new truck so it could haul various cargo legally.

So my thought was now, “OK I’m a legit transporting company ready to serve the general public” not so fast there bucker-roo!  You gotta now compete against all the people who cut in line, dodge the system, thort authority, thumb their noses to all, as they pass by and in general cheat the system. Hmmm why didn’t I think of that. Well it’s not that it didn’t cross my mind but I figured the way to stay the course for the “long-haul” I’m gonna play by the rules and do my part.

Now you can’t blame the thousand of would be transporters who don’t follow the rules or give two rats tails about anyone else…including their own customers, because companies like uShip actually encourage this wild west survival of the fittest. On the surface who wins? the customer who saved a TON of money, right? hiring someone who may or may not make it the destination or G_d forbid be involved in a crash that damages their items, lets just over look that for a minute. And since we are talking about the wild west, its gotta be like hauling moonshine…just go until you get caught, dodge the scales, dodge the law and all the driver safety regulations, don’t stop for repairs just wire it together and keep going cause your gonna make $200.00 hauling a load that you took from a legitimate transporter that should have been paid 5 times that rate. You know who else wins? …uShip yep they win BIG TIME cause they run the web site that encourages all those folks to bid and bid again and bid again until the only one who will get paid and has no risk whatever and could care less whether you make the trip or not…yup uShip, isn’t beautiful.

shipping wars image1

I think of a recent story where a so-called company bids against me, of course much lower and promising all sorts of grandiose favors to the shipper. The company won the bid…yayyyy they managed to fake a profile that demonstrated they passed a “back-ground-checked and verified” ohh that sounds official doesn’t it. I’m sure they are a real company operating as a Motor Carrier…like me.. you know playing by the rules. Hmmm check a little deeper and whoa… they are not even a Motor Carrier.. they have a USDOT number as reported on their profile but are in fact for-hire of “passengers only” and it’s for their home state…wait a second how are they gonna haul all that freight through 6 states with no authority to do so? Well hayyy the shipper saved a TON of money by using the lowest bidder who lied about who they are. Hey buddy do you even have insurance? really? enough to cover you, the general public, your customer… the angry facelaw? I have to drive by a 60/7 driving regulations that are heavily mandated and policed. I wonder if this guy will be able to stay awake the duration and make it there safely? I guess so since he doesn’t have to follow the same rules I do.

This long story is a tale of wooo to discourage anyone who would be a transporter. It’s a tough dog-eat dog business, that makes no promises, pays nothing and just when you think you have won that bid…lookout there will be someone there cutting you deeper yet.


DOT BBB Complaints F rating

SCAM Company Beware!

I want to share with you my experience with a fraudulent company doing business within the USDOT/ FMCSA jurisdiction. I hope to blog about this and share it on various social media platforms in an attempt to confront the misleading and dirty tactics of this company. I will update you at some point once there is resolve or satisfactory responses. This excerpt is my complaint filing with 2 different on-line publications in which others have filed similar complaints. Please make comments about your experiences, Help me, help others stop this company and shut them down.

See more at BBB.ORG


“On Thursday 4/17/14 I called my local BMV agency as to inquire about obtaining my USDOT registrations. I was out of my office and not on a computer. I was given the number 855-364-5305 I promptly called it. I also want to bring attention to the fact that if you call this number from any number besides a CELL Phone, it will give you a disconnect recording… it only works when you call from a cell phone. Since my BMV officer gave me the number I assumed it was an official agency. I called at 5:01 the person answered the phone as “DOT authority”, it did not occur to me that I was speaking with a private agency. She was quick to help me collecting my information, including CC, business info, address and contact info. That 1st round of cost was $300.00 which I understood to be the USDOT registration cost, ONLY to find out this was to be a FREE filing!! and does only take a few minutes to obtain a number. But within a few minutes I got several emails (smart phone email) confirming my USDOT number but Large warning letters indicating I DID NOT have ICC authority if I was to transport out of state which I intended to do and clearly explained to the agent. I then called back to inquire as to the warnings of non-compliant registration. I then found out I needed to pay an additional $400 for my MC Number Now finding out this cost from FMCSA is $300.00) in addition to my USDOT AND $187.00 for a required UCR filing. Still at this point I completely thought I was talking with an official GOV agency, nothing gave me an indication that I was not. I DID begin to question why they could only look me up by the last 4 digits of my CC number instead of my DOT number, I found that to be odd. Now several days later I’m so upset that I have been lied to and defrauded out of $887.00 for something that should have only cost me $300.00 Further more I have had to call the ACTUAL FMCSA Authority to get my information corrected. This fraudulent company was so quick to help me and get my CC info that they neglected to correctly list my correct carrier information. Other than filing a small claims action against this company for services not rendered, lying to me and impersonating a federal agency, I feel I have no other recourse. I hope my letter here and the others who have filed a complaint will help a person who otherwise might be duped by this nefarious company.”



DOT Filings
(800) 761-7309

(888) 414-1874
P O Box 480360
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33348

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